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CX 7 Paintless Dent Removal

Sometimes panels come into the workshop that look way beyond the scope of PDR. If that were the case, then the panel might just have to be replaced instead of repaired.

Fortunately, the Team of Paintless Dent Removal specialists at Erasadent have the know-how and experience along with the specialized tools to complete such difficult repairs. This Mazda CX 7’s door ( pictured ) was a case in point. To many, it would appear this dent was beyond repair. However, our professional technicians saw a challenge they could not pass up.

CX 7 Paintless Dent Removal

Check out the after photo for the finished product. What a superb job.

Here's what the Technicians at Erasadent said about the job -

“You can see in the picture, there's a slight line about 15mm from the edge of the panel. That's where the inside and outside panels meet. Usually, if that's damaged we can't do much with it, since … we can't knock that line down (because ) there's a second panel behind the outer skin, and …. it can be very difficult to get a tool that far up to the edge of the panel. Luckily with the door off of the car, we were able to get enough tool access, and that line caused at the edge of the panel was minor enough for us to be able to knock it down despite being double panelled.”

The owner of this Mazda was impressed by such great work, and also that they were able to keep their original panel.

Had Erasadent not been able to make these repairs, the owner probably would have had to have a whole new door.

Years of Expertise

Erasadent has years of experience with difficult work like this, and time and time again their expertise has shone through. Erasadent are the experts with hail damage in South Australia, and are kitted up to carry out work nationwide with very little notice. You could say they are the modern-day storm chasers when it comes to Paintless Dent Removal.

That’s one of the great benefits of Erasadent and PDR. It doesn’t require large spray booths or paint driers. This means that the team can go wherever they are needed. They can even work on-site at your location.

Give the experts at Erasadent a call today to see how they can help you with your dent repairs.

What people are saying about our dent repairs...

  • Steve Bell

    What a great place to deal with. Friendly and professional. Did a great job on my Outlander today. Couldn't fault anything to do with them. Highly recommend this company as a go to first. Thanks.

  • Adam Carter

    My son's car had a small dent in one of the doors. Left it with them for a few hours, & the dent was COMPLETLY removed. Amazing! Much cheaper than a crash repairer had quoted. Very impressed! Great people to deal with too.

  • Cain Kemp

    Like the other reviews here, I can't recommend these guys highly enough. Ben and Michael are friendly and easy to deal with, good prices and most importantly they did an awesome job on the dent to a Peugeot 206 front panel. Even helped me get my car home! Would definitely be the first guys I'd call again and recommend them to anyone who needed a dent removed. Thanks guys!

  • Judith Louvel

    Brilliant job, all the hail dents vanished like someone waved a magic wand! Also great service, I bought my car down from Broken Hill, nothing was too much trouble, worked in with my schedule. Love your work guys, can't thank you enough.